About Us

Our goal is to give clients of every size the ability to monitor the health of their water pipeline and related infrastructure - with one of the most accurate and modern technologies on the market.

With Utiliz’s groundbreaking technology, you’ll get detailed insight into the health of your water infrastructure. Each analysis yields invaluable insight and generates a probability calculation and rank. That’s how Utiliz can help you better plan and budget for maintenance and upkeep so that you can avoid more significant issues down the road. 

Every person deserves high-quality, reliable water utility services. Utiliz doesn’t just give you insight into infrastructure health; you also get the insight you need to stay one step ahead of the game. You can’t fix what you can’t see, so visibility is essential. With Utiliz, you can stay on top of repairs and prevent critical failures.

Meet Our Team

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Jackson Bolek


At 21, Jackson Bolek, a young entrepreneur and data science enthusiast, co-founded Utiliz. His vision: to automate the creation of critical asset management components, Likelihood of Failure (LoF), and Consequence of Failure (CoF) models to transform the way water utilities and civil engineering firms plan for the future.

Jackson's passion for this venture was ignited during his pivotal internship at the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility. There, he witnessed first-hand the challenges these utilities face and understood the transformative potential of data-driven solutions.

Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Data Science from the University of Evansville, Jackson leads Utiliz with deep technical acuity, a fresh perspective, and relentless innovation. His mission: to streamline water utility operations, ultimately making a positive impact on communities worldwide.

Jon Kline


Jonathan is a technologist, Purdue engineering alumni, and a co-founder of Utiliz. He has worked on various large scale software products as an engineer, designer, and product manager, and was thrilled to bring his expertise to the water industry.

Jonathan's goal is to create a solution that is not only technologically superior to current methods of asset management, but also meets the needs of the client.

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