Consequence of Failure

Our system prioritizes pipes based on their proximity to critical areas - taking into account the impact of potential failure on vital public facilities, densely populated zones, and ecological environments.

To ensure the highest efficacy, our technological forecasts are then fine-tuned with human input, crafting an optimized course of action that balances predictive accuracy with practical considerations.

With Utiliz, you're not just predicting failure - you're strategizing success.

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Create a Custom Plan of Action

Utiliz recognizes that every situation is unique. Our team collaborates closely with yours to develop a personalized plan of action that addresses your specific needs and concerns.

We listen carefully to understand your unique circumstances and tailor our approach accordingly. The outcome is a comprehensive strategy custom-tailored to your situation, providing you with the confidence to move forward. 

Innovate with Proactive Management

By utilizing our CoF model, you have the capability to anticipate pipe failures and prepare for them accordingly, rather than just reacting to infrastructure issues.

With Utiliz, you can adopt a proactive approach, potentially preventing costly and disruptive failures before they even occur.

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Explore Spatial Factors and Proximity Considerations

Our CoF model goes beyond basic evaluation by incorporating spatial analysis and proximity considerations, resulting in a more detailed analysis.

By factoring in the heightened risks associated with pipe failures in strategic locations, we can provide a more nuanced understanding of potential impacts.

Recognizing the significant impact that a pipe's location can have on the consequences of its failure, we are able to offer a comprehensive and realistic analysis, enabling better-informed decision-making processes.

Widen Your Risk Lens with Better Cost Calculations


We understand that an asset's total risk is not limited to just financial factors. By combining social, environmental, economic, and community factors, we help improve your utility's clarity into the overall risk of an asset.

Our team collaborates with you to identify your specific business needs and customize our approach accordingly. We take into account all the factors that impact your business and provide you with a comprehensive risk management strategy.

With Utiliz, you can be assured of a holistic approach to risk management that ensures the long-term sustainability of your business.


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Understand Quantifiable Financial Impact

Utiliz stands out from traditional CoF models by providing a quantifiable financial impact assessment of potential pipe failures.

With dollar amounts per hour ($/hr), Utiliz enables you to precisely evaluate the economic ramifications of such failures. This specific and accurate picture of costs involved allows for more effective budget planning and resource allocation.

The ability to express the consequences in monetary terms provides a better communication of risk to stakeholders who may not be familiar with technical aspects of pipe infrastructure management.

Stay Up to Date

As soon as important data updates and changes, you can stay informed and up-to-date with our platform.

Our system is designed to immediately reflect any changes, giving you the most accurate and reliable information possible.

With our real-time updates, you can trust that you are always seeing the most current and relevant results available. 

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